Company Profile
Alternative Investment Advisory (AIA) was established in the year 2005 with the primary objective of training, consulting and investment advisory. The primary activities of AIA include

Business Set up Process

Stock Exchange Broking     Real Estate Mutual Fund    Insurance Co & broking

AIA specializes in setting up business in financial services industry. AIA had secured an assignment to set up Real Estate Mutual Fund for a leading Indian developer. It facilitated application process with the regulator.

Broking industry has to go through various process and procedures in establishing an outfit. AIA fulfills these needs and successfully established a broking outfit for a leading business group. The assignments are from ground zero to establishing software requirements and establish state of the art technology to support a large retail network and institutional broking process. AIA has developed a comprehensive RFP (Request for Proposal) process encompassing all critical technical requirements.

AIA has rich experience in establishing insurance companies in life, non-life, Health / insurance broking establishment adhering to regulatory requirements /technological needs.

Funding Arrangement

AIA has a wider connectivity across the globe. With its reach it can organize funding for various projects. AIA has worked extensively to secure funding need of Ail Exploration companies in India, large Green filed Power project in Africa, Consortium of funding arrangement for a Petroleum distribution house in Middle East, Real Estate Private Equity Funds and Ship building company in Middle east.

Financial Product Development

In Product development AIA conducts back testing to test the concept features and process vetting & verifying results with comparable benchmark. Built, Operate & Run the entire product for the pre-defined life.

One of such tested product, Asset Guard, a “Principal Protection Note(PPN)” was introduced for the first time in the Indian market denominated in Indian rupee. The product was launched with a multi national bank as the distributor and a reputed fund house as the launch pad.

Risk Management Consulting

Conduct feasibility study on risk management software - Professional evaluation of products in the market and successful implementation of the product.

Design develop & implementation of fuel hedging strategies for aviation industry. Successfully conducted hedging strategy (Collar, Swap vanilla derivatives) for one of the India’s leading airline. Facilitated the regulator to develop fuel-hedging policy.


AIA conducts training programs with a specialization in Finance and Human Resource Development.

Financial training programs focus on financial market & its components viz. Equity, Fixed Income, money Markets, Derivatives, and portfolio Management.

HR programs are tailored to suit entry level skills viz. Soft skills and personality developments. Advanced programs on Skill Gap Analysis have been tailor made to suit client’s specifications.

Risk management training programs are tailor made to suit user specifications. The focus is on Market Risk management, Credit Risk Management and Operational Risk Management.

Successfully conducted many training courses for multinational companies including JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, Lehman Bros, Countrywide, Aplabs, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, HDFC Bank , Kotak Securities, Deutsche Bank Commercial Bank of Qatar etc.